2021 CMSC Annual Meeting

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Poster-Psychosocial Factors

A Continuum of Languishing to Flourishing: A Qualitative Study of Psychological Resilience in Multiple Sclerosis Family Caregivers

Background: Informal unpaid family caregivers (e.g., spouses, parents, siblings) are the primary providers of support to people living with...

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Poster-Family and Caregivers

Profiles of Resilience Among MS Care Partners

Background: Psychological resilience may play an important role in protecting multiple sclerosis (MS) care-partners from the negative...

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Stakeholder Recommendations for a Dyadic Physical Activity Intervention for People with Moderate-to-Severe Multiple Sclerosis and Their Care-Partners: A Modified e-Delphi Study.

Background: People with moderate-to-severe multiple sclerosis (MS) and their family caregivers do not engage in sufficient physical...

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