2021 CMSC Annual Meeting


Expiration: 30-Apr-22
Level of Information: Intermediate
The aim of the symposium is to provide a comprehensive overview of depression in people with MS. Clinicians and researchers are faced with a large choice of self-report rating scales for depression. Dr. Peter Arnett will explain which have the best validity in a MS population. There is a high rate of cognitive dysfunction in people with MS and depression may exacerbate this problem. Dr. Sarah Morrow will describe the mechanism that explains these effects. She will also address the question of whether anxiety may impact cognition as well. The structural and functional brain changes associated with depression in people with MS will be described by Dr. Feinstein, who will also provide an overview on non-pharmacologic treatments of depression. Finally, Dr. Mackie will review the antidepressant data in people with MS and provide direction as to the choice of drug that best fits the clinical profile of the individual.


Presentations and Speakers

Assessing Depression in People with MS Peter Arnett, PhD
The Effects of Depression and Anxiety on Cognition in People with MS Sarah Morrow, MD, MS, FRCP(C)
Neuroimaging and Non-pharmacologic Treatment of Depression in People with MS Anthony Feinstein, MPhil, PhD, FRCP
Antidepressant Treatment of Depression in People with MS Aaron Mackie, MD

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