2021 CMSC Annual Meeting


Expiration: 30-Apr-22
Level of Information: Intermediate, Advanced
MRI is an invaluable tool for establishing an early diagnosis of MS and for monitoring patients’ disease course and response to treatment. Standardized imaging protocols are essential for getting the most out of an MRI study that may guide optimal care. The workshop will focus on clinically practical aspects of imaging including the impact of the 2017 McDonald criteria on how we use MRI, how to monitor radiologic isolated syndrome, early MRI features that can be predictive of a worrisome disease course, how to get the most out of spinal cord MRI, when can MRI be used to modify treatment, how to monitor for PML, and are we ready for routine brain atrophy monitoring.


Presentations and Speakers

Welcome and Introduction David Li, MD
Pre-survey Anthony Traboulsee, MD
Diagnosis of MS Jiwon Oh, MD
Spinal Cord Imaging Mike Wattjes, MD
MRI in Follow-up for Treatment Effectiveness and Safety Scott D. Newsome, DO, MSCS, FAAN; Anthony Traboulsee, MD
Panel Q & A David Li, MD
Post-meeting Survey vs. Pre-survey Anthony Traboulsee, MD

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