2021 CMSC Annual Meeting

Tag: BSN2

Poster-Multidisciplinary Care

Diving into Complex Durable Medical Equipment Needs: The Multiple Sclerosis at Home Access Program (MAHA)

Background: Updated prevalence estimates indicate that nearly 1 million Americans are living with MS including a large cohort of aging...

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Poster-Disease-modifying Therapy

Real-Life Experience with Ocrelizumab in Older Patients at an Academic MS Center

Background: Ocrelizumab (OCR) is a B-Cell depleting humanized monoclonal antibody FDA-approved for treatment of relapsing remitting...

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Poster-Case Reports / Case Series

Case Report of a Severe Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus Flare in a Patient Treated with Eculizumab for the Treatment of Neuromyeltis Optica Spectrum Disorder

Background:: Eculizumab is a long-acting humanized monoclonal antibody targeted against complement C5. By preventing the cleavage of C5...

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