2021 CMSC Annual Meeting

Tag: BSN

Poster-Symptom Management

Implementation of a Depression Screening Tool (PHQ-9) for Adult Multiple Sclerosis Patients at an Outpatient Neurology Clinic.

Background: Depression is the most common symptom in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients with reported lifetime prevalence of 25-50%....

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Poster-Quality of Life and Outcomes

Improving Communication about Multiple Sclerosis: The MS-Support Decision Aid

Background: Good communication between patients and their health care provider (HCP) is essential for shared decision making (SDM). We...

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Poster-Psychosocial Factors

Attitudes Toward Biobanking Among Persons with MS

Background: Biobanks that collect and preserve biological samples linked to demographic, phenotypic and clinical data are a critical...

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Poster-Internet and Information Services

MS and COVID-19: A Webinar Series for Healthcare Providers

Background: MS is a complex disease that requires a well- educated workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic added to that complexity- from …...

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Poster-Disease-modifying Therapy

Real-Life Experience with Ocrelizumab in Older Patients at an Academic MS Center

Background: Ocrelizumab (OCR) is a B-Cell depleting humanized monoclonal antibody FDA-approved for treatment of relapsing remitting...

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