2021 CMSC Annual Meeting

Tag: (5)Neurology

Poster-Quality of Life and Outcomes

A Real-World Study Characterizing Symptoms and Impacts of Fatigue in US Adults with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Using a Novel Disease Specific Scale

Background: Fatigue is among the most frequent and disabling symptoms in RMS patients. Objectives: To measure multiple sclerosis (MS)...

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Poster-Non-imaging Biomarkers

Combinatorial Analysis of Plasma and DNA Methylation Biomarkers in African American Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Background: African American patients are at increased risk of developing severe forms of multiple sclerosis and have been underrepresented...

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Poster-Multidisciplinary Care

Brazilian Case of Telerehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis in the Pandemic Period By COVID-19

Background: The reception and rehabilitation services for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have been partially interrupted in most countries since...

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International Magnims-CMSC-Naims Consensus Recommendations on the Use of Standardized MRI in MS

Background: Standardized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidelines published in 2015 by the MAGNIMS group and in 2016 by the CMSC...

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