2021 CMSC Annual Meeting

Attitude and Perception of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Toward Exercise


Background: Contrary to the common belief that physical training for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients might exacerbate fatigue and provoke other symptoms of the illness, it is now widely accepted that exercise can be actually beneficial in terms of activities of daily living, reduced fatigue and improved quality of life. Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the attitude of MS patients toward exercise. Methods: 112 MS patients who were recruited from the local community participated in this study. We utilised a self-developed questionnaire targeting attitudes and perceptions of MS patients towards physical exercise. The questionnaire was piloted and tested for validity and reliability. Results: Before being diagnosed with MS, 49.9% of our MS patients’ respondents used to engage in different types of physical activities and sports, namely Aerobics/Walking (35.3%), Stretching exercise (18.7%), and strengthening exercise (11.4%). After being diagnosed with MS, 40.8% of our sample showed determination to remain physically active. The interest is sport activities were consistent after the diagnoses with MS, and included Aerobics/Walking (33.8%), Stretching exercise (22.6%), and strengthening exercise (19.7%). Conclusions: The respondents were mildly aware of the benefits of physical and mental health promoting activities, they can seek help from a wide range of processionals and are more actively involved in the management of their condition. It is therefore important to increase education and awareness on the benefits of physical activity.